Casting – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Film Production Glossary Terms

I. What is Casting?

Casting is the process of selecting actors or performers for a particular role in a film, television show, play, or other production. It involves finding the right person to bring a character to life and convey the emotions and intentions of the script. Casting plays a crucial role in the success of a production, as the actors chosen can greatly impact the overall quality and reception of the project.

II. What is a Casting Director?

A casting director is a professional responsible for finding and selecting actors for a production. They work closely with the director and producers to understand the vision of the project and find the best talent to bring that vision to life. Casting directors often have a deep network of connections within the industry and are skilled at identifying talent that fits the specific requirements of a role.

III. What is a Casting Call?

A casting call is a public announcement or advertisement seeking actors to audition for a specific role in a production. Casting calls are typically posted on industry websites, social media platforms, and in trade publications to attract a wide range of talent. Actors interested in auditioning for a role will submit their headshots, resumes, and sometimes audition tapes to be considered for the part.

IV. What is a Casting Session?

A casting session is a scheduled event where actors audition for a role in front of the casting director, director, and other key decision-makers. During a casting session, actors may be asked to perform scenes from the script, improvise, or participate in a screen test. Casting sessions are crucial in the casting process as they allow the decision-makers to see the actors’ performances and determine who is the best fit for the role.

V. What is a Casting Process?

The casting process is the series of steps taken to select and hire actors for a production. It typically begins with the casting director reviewing submissions from actors and creating a shortlist of potential candidates. The shortlisted actors are then invited to audition in a casting session, where they perform scenes and are evaluated by the decision-makers. After the auditions, callbacks may be held to further assess the actors before final decisions are made and offers are extended.

VI. What is a Casting Agent?

A casting agent, also known as a talent agent, is a professional who represents actors and helps them secure auditions and roles in productions. Casting agents work on behalf of their clients to negotiate contracts, secure favorable terms, and advance their careers in the industry. They often have relationships with casting directors, producers, and other industry professionals, which allows them to connect their clients with opportunities that align with their talents and goals.