Second Run – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Film Distribution Glossary Terms

I. What is a Second Run?

Second run refers to the distribution of films that have already had their initial theatrical release but are being shown in theaters again. These films are typically not the latest releases and are often shown at discounted prices in smaller theaters or art house cinemas. Second run distribution allows audiences to see films that they may have missed during their initial release or to revisit films that they enjoyed.

II. How Does Second Run Distribution Work?

Second run distribution works by theaters acquiring the rights to screen films that have already had their initial run in theaters. These theaters may be independent cinemas, art house theaters, or smaller chains that specialize in showing older or classic films. The films are typically shown at discounted prices to attract audiences who may not have been able to see the film during its initial release.

III. What Types of Films are Typically Released through Second Run Distribution?

Films released through second run distribution can vary widely in genre and style. However, they are often films that have already had their initial run in mainstream theaters and are no longer being shown in wide release. These films may include independent films, foreign films, documentaries, classic films, or cult favorites. Second run distribution allows these films to reach a new audience or to be rediscovered by audiences who may have missed them during their initial release.

IV. What Are the Benefits of Second Run Distribution for Filmmakers?

Second run distribution can provide several benefits for filmmakers. It allows their films to reach a wider audience and potentially generate additional revenue after their initial release. It also allows filmmakers to build a following for their work and to establish a reputation for creating quality films. Second run distribution can also help filmmakers to attract the attention of distributors or investors for future projects.

V. How Does Second Run Distribution Impact the Film Industry?

Second run distribution can have a positive impact on the film industry by allowing films to have a longer lifespan and reach a wider audience. It can also help to support independent filmmakers and smaller production companies by providing a platform for their work to be seen. Second run distribution can also contribute to the preservation and appreciation of classic films and cult favorites that may not have had a successful initial release.

VI. What Are Some Examples of Successful Second Run Releases?

Some examples of successful second run releases include “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” which has become a cult classic through midnight screenings at theaters around the world. Another example is “The Room,” a low-budget independent film that gained a following through second run screenings and has since become a cult favorite. Additionally, classic films such as “Casablanca” and “Gone with the Wind” have been re-released in theaters through second run distribution to introduce them to new generations of audiences.