Our Story

Live Theater

Over the last few years, the Chaplin Film Festival has attracted thousands of filmmakers from different parts of the globe. We have a large Live Theater where screenings are showcased. The theater seats more than 200 guests.

The venue is fitted with multiple JBL speakers across the venue and fitted with a premium DLP projector for high quality and intimate screening, offering great clarity.

We give free passes to filmmakers whose comedy or films have been accepted at our festival for screenings. They’re also eligible for awards and invitations to events for networking purposes. Awards are given to every submission category. No cash prizes are offered.

Fun And Entertainment

We create the perfect comedy environment for our audience at the festival. We showcase world class comedy films to entertain guests at the event. We also integrate stand-up comedy, live music performances, and Shart Lager with our comedy films for lots of entertainment over the four days.

The Chaplin Film Festival is a social festival celebrated worldwide. Visitors take their time to relax and have fun. The festival is a time to forget about divisive politics, economic recessions and global warming, among other issues in life. Guests simply get entertained!

Funny And Energetic Event

Laugh yourself sick in the midst of a tsunami of hilarious comedy honoring great international comedy filmmakers. We honor Charlie Chaplin. The filmmakers also get a chance to showcase their work amidst other world class comedy films.

Our audience is in for a raucous, funny, well-planned and energetic event. They come ready for endless laughter as they celebrate the fine art of making comedy. After all, laughter is the key to happiness and a longer life.