The Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival

In 2011 the people of Waterville with the support of Josephine Chaplin, along with many other benefactors, friends and the local business community held the very first annual Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival.

Waterville, the Kerry seaside village that Charlie Chaplin loved, will continue to hold this Festival to honour the life and work of the master comedian and filmmaker, whose legacy remains both relevant and influential to comedy today.
Our aim is for the Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival to quickly become an international fixture that will bring a smile to Kerry, Ireland and the World. Chaplin with his courage and pioneering spirit, brought laughter to millions of people through the medium of film, in very dark times. Our hope is that the film-makers of today will follow in Charlie’s illustrious footsteps by showcasing their comedy films at our festival!


Festival Committee 2016

Robbie O’ Mahoney
Terry Dunne
Anne Condon
Donie Mc Gillicuddy
Barry O’ Donovan
Rory Fellowes
Nikki Hawkins
Katie O’ Carroll

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