Friday 26th August
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August 26

11:00 am Film – “Way Out West” courtesy of Sons of the Dessert Sea Lodge Cinema Free
11:00 am Chaplin Shorts Tech Amergin Donation
11am-5:00pm Charlie Chaplin Picture Gallery Butler Arms Hotel Free
12:00-2:00pm Street  Entertainment Village Free
12:00 Noon Talk with Carl Davis St Michaels Church €5
2:30pm Talk with Dr Harvey O’Brien on Mise Éire

St Michaels Church €5
3:00pm Film – “The Gold Rush Tech Amergin Donation
3:00pm Film – “Singin in the rain” Sea Lodge Cinema Donation
3:00pm Mime Workshop with Diego Andres Spano Fossetts Big Top Free
5:00pm Comedy Competition Shortlist Tech Amergin Free
5:00pm Talk with Rory Fellowes St Michaels Church €5
7:00pm Social Commentary Competition Shortlist Tech Amergin Free
7pm- 9pm Street Entertainment Village Free
9:00pm Film – “The ArtistPG-13  100mins St Michaels Church Donation
9:00pm Film “Some like it Hot” PG. 120mins Sea Lodge Cinema Donation
9:00pm Comedian –Deirdre O ’Kane Fossetts Big Top €20
11:30pm Disco with DJ Dean Murphy Fossetts Big Top €10

Early Cinema in Sea Lodgeway out west with laurel and hardy


Tech Amerginthe gold rush by Charlie ChaplinThe Gold Rush

In this classic silent comedy, the Little Tramp (Charles Chaplin) heads north to join in the Klondike gold rush. Trapped in a cabin by a blizzard, the Tramp is forced to share quarters with a prospector (Mack Swain) and a fugitive.

Comedy Film Competition
5pm Tech Amergin

diyDiy: Drill ItYourself (Spain)

Posturas (Spain)

The Paris Hunt
The Paris Hunt (Ireland)

Guantanamo Baby
Guantanamo Baby (Germany)

Pat (Ireland)

poster Casitas
Casitas (Grown Ups) (Spain)

venice poster
Venice (Australia)

poster Le Libraire
Le Libraire (The Bookseller) (France)

kupunka poster
Kapunka (Israel)

working late poster
Working Late (Uk)

Social Commentary Competition
7pm Tech Amergin

poster NAPOLEÓN Y YONapoleón Y Yo (Napoleón And Me)(Spain)

poster ATÉ A CHINA
Até A China / Sheeliton (Brazil)

The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque (Usa)

poster of Another day in paradise
Another Day In Paradise (India)

Pepín Bello, El Hombre Que Nunca Hizo Nada (Pepín Bello,The Man Who Never Did Anything) (Spain)

Bienvenidos (Welcome) (Spain)

Carl Davis at Cadogan Hall, Chelsea. rehersing for his performance with Charlie Chaplin(photography by Richard Cannon).

Carl Davis
Carl is one of the leading musical figures in his generation. As a composer his countless scores continue to play an enormous part in the reappraisal of silent film classics and they and his awards winning contemporary film and TV scores are now legend.

Dr Harvey O' Brien

Harvey O’Brien
Harvey teaches Film Studies at University College Dublin. He is the author of Action Movies: The Cinema of Striking Back (Columbia University Press, 2012), The Real Ireland: The Evolution of Ireland in Documentary Film(Manchester, 2004) and co-editor of Keeping it Real: Irish Film and Television (Wallflower, 2004).

Pre Screening presentation of Mise Éire

Produced by the pioneering Irish language filmmakers Gael Linn, Mise Éire, draws almost exclusively on contemporaneous newspapers, newsreels and actuality footage from the early years of Ireland’s revolutionary period to present a history of that turbulence. The era under director George Morrison’s microscope is divided into three segments and spans from the late years of the nineteenth century through to the 1916 Rising and concluding with Sinn Fein’s electoral victory in 1918, a triumph that would be a precursor to revolution. The film’s approach to this history is avowedly patriotic, celebrating as heroes and martyrs those who involved themselves in the radical nationalist movement. The film is notable for the invaluble work of archival salvage undertaken by Morrisson in identifying and preserving moving images in Irish and British collections to create this feature length montage.

print source:

Irish Film Institute

Rory Fellowes

Rory Fellowes
Rory has worked in the animation industry for 35 years.He trained under Ivor Wood, working on the early episodes of The Wombles and Hattytown videos and commercials.

Deirdre O’Kane
Deirdre after a seven year break from stand-up, during  which she had more babies, made a movie in Vietnam and became the mother of Moone Boy, Deirdre O’ Kane returns with a brand new show.

 Chaplin Short Filmone am by Charlie Chaplin Chaplin Short Film The Cure by Charlie Chaplin
 Chaplin Short FilmEasy Street by Charlie Chaplin  Chaplin Short FilmThe Adventurer by Charlie Chaplin
 Chaplin Short FilmThe Vagabond by Charlie Chaplin  Chaplin Short FilmThe floor walker by Charlie Chaplin
 Early Cinema in Sea Lodgesinging in the rain3 St Michaels Church

the artist with jean dujardin

 Early Cinema in Sea Lodge

some like it hot

 Full Length Chaplin Filmthe gold rush by Charlie Chaplin

disco poster

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